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Ready or not…

The Road Ahead


     New Year Resolutions are most likely broken by the 3rd day in January. Once broken, most people give up and vow to try again next year. Statistics show that only 12% actually stick with the habit change they resolve to make. With the word ‘Resolution’ having such a bad connotation, this year, I decided to make an intention list.

     Intentions are going to be my road map for 2011.

Get Organized ~  Even though I write fantasy novels, they are stand alone stories. My characters weave in and out of books. A main character in one story could be a supporting character in another. I am also creating new creatures. My fictional world needs to be kept organized. There are also the conventions I will be attending, submissions I will need to track, files backed up, etc.

     2011 will be an amazing year if I stay organized!

Writing Makeover ~  I’ve never had a problem sitting down and writing. Creating something new is play time for me. The polishing and editing, wordsmithing and revision are the areas I need to focus on in order to take the next step in my career. I’ve scheduled a professional editor to speak to my writing group in January. I’ve also purchased some excellent editing books to learn some new tricks. My writing group, Eastside Author Chat, will also be focusing on feedback and critiques to sharpen the skills we all need.

Stay Healthy ~ Writing all day, and I do, is a sedentary lifestyle. I’ve missed plenty of meals and sleep while writing this past year. I need to intend on taking care of me. Nutrition and exercise are important to keep my mind sharp and keep me on my toes for all the work ahead of me.

Learn the Business ~ There is more to the writing life then creating a story and mailing it out. I intend to learn the nuts and bolts of the business to give my stories the best possible shot at publication. Query letters, synopsis writing, networking (this one is a little scary!), conventions, agents, marketing….which leads me to the next intention,

Building a Platform ~ Marketing, branding, business cards, keeping up with my blog posts. Building a public identity. This is an entirely new world for me.  

Fill the Well ~ Good writing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. I need to ‘LIVE’ my life, learn something new, try something one of my characters does. This will bring zest to my writing and some enjoyment as well!

Give my dream 120% commitment ~ I intend to spend the next year fully focused as a full time writer. Rejection letters will be badges of honor, one step closer to the dream. As my friend Cyndi Briggs says, I will meet Fear with Faith!




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Wishing you…..

Peace on Earth

A Joy Filled Holiday Season!!!

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into the fire...

My grams used to love to say that phrase when life was speeding by and that is exactly how the past few months have felt. Just as blurry as the photo above!

I finished up NaNo in November with a little over 180,000 words. It is the first time I’ve Nano’d two complete novel drafts. Then right around the corner, Norweson was waiting.

Norwescon is ‘The Northwest’s Premier Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention’. The Fairwood Writer’s Workshop is where you can enter an excerpt of your novel to be critiqued by professional writers during the April convention. The deadline was December 19th. The submission package must contain a cover letter, synopsis (1000 word limit), and an excerpt of your novel. I spent many sleepless nights writing and re-writing to submit the best possible example of my writing. It was emailed off and I’ve received confirmation that it was received. I hope and pray it is my very best work. Time will tell.

This past week I wrapped up the year for Eastside Author Chat, the writing group I organize. It is an amazing group of writers and I feel lucky to share the writing journey with them.

Only a handful of days left in 2010. In those days, a lunar eclipse, Christmas and New Years Eve. I have my 2011 goals sketched out and I will be solidifying them in the next few days.

I’m looking forward to the ‘Fire’ of 2011 and all the new writing experiences, (writing conventions, agents, synopsis writing, even rejection letters!) the year has waiting for me.

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